Combining hard and soft skills
Project managers usually act “ad interim”. They need to integrate and control diverse functional areas, processes, stakeholders and environmental factors.

They require:

  • professional and industry-specific know-how to evaluate project results
  • methodical methods and tools for project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure
  • personal, empathic and social competencies for leading the project’s team and managing stakeholders
Our core competence is project management
Thanks to our comprehensive overview of standards, methods, tools and techniques for professional project management we are always looking for the best and most pragmatic solution – either out of the box of traditional project management (PMI®, Prince2®, GPM®/IPMA®, DIN/ISO), by agile frameworks (Scrum®, XP, Design Thinking, Lean Management), by the countless tool providers – or by using and developing existing in-house tools.

Make up your own mind whether

  • we stand by your side as a project coach
  • we take responsibility for the project’s administration as a project office manager
  • you assign project’s overall responsibility to us as a project manager
  • we organize your entire project portfolio
  • we support you in agile project management as agile coach, scrum master or product owner

PMI und PMP are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute Inc. (PMI)

Industry know-how – We understand your business
Our experts of Global Players Consulting have collected substantial experience in different industries and are suitably qualified:

Our strengths. Your benefit.
You will profit the most from our expertise in management of projects when

  • you initiate innovation projects to accept the challenges of megatrends (digitalization, mobility, customization, big data, etc.)
  • you have to reorganize business and administrative processes
  • you implement and optimize IT systems
  • you reform organizational structures (change management)

As a provider of home-made solutions we know how to manage development, implementation and maintenance of products and services in form of projects.

Especially for IT divisions, software developing companies and IT consulting agencies we offer our advice in strategic and operative questions and projects.

Project Management “off- the- shelf”? Not our cup of tea!
Read project management book >> Train one employee and promote him to be the project leader >> Buy and install project software >> Get started!

This shirt-sleeved approach might work in small projects. By the time, when it becomes a matter of money or image and many stakeholders and dependencies have to be considered, it will get extremely risky!

The higher the level of individuality, complexity and diversity of your business the more difficult it will be using standard project management methods and tools “off-the-shelf”.

We will not make project management more complex than it should be and we always recommend tools that are easy to implement, learn and use. We have no commitment with any company, product or method so we can work out jointly solutions which fit best to you, your organization and your staff.

Do not save at the wrong end! To manufacture your products and services you usually apply the best methods, resources and tools – that should also include professional project management.

Our principles of consulting – Always at your service!
Every consulting order will be treated by us as a project.

Our principles of consulting are a thread for our customer and us. In our daily work we use it as a benchmark:

Principles of Consulting

1. Listen actively

2. Always in collaboration with our clients and partners

3. Work result- and goal-oriented

4. Consult independently

5. Every day with discipline and passion

6. Practice project management proactively and situationally

7. Think free and positive!

In our Consulting offers you will find examples how we develop solutions in cooperation with our clients.

We get involved.
Qualification, communication and networking are the key factors of successful project management.

To keep our consulting competence up to date we permanently broaden our knowledge, exchange with customers, partners and associations and also assume an important educational function:

  • We are an active member of Project Management Institute Inc. (PMI), the worldwide leading professional association in project management.
  • As a member of PMI Cologne Chapter e.V. Herbert Biehler founded the Local Group Weser-Ems and regularly organizes a regional forum for project experts and interested people.
  • We are a member of Scrum Alliance® and permanently keep ourselves fit in new developments and trends of agile Scrum world.
  • Since 2010, we have been awarded the honorary appointment as a member of the audit committee for IT project managers by the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce.
  • In our network of experts we practice a trustful ‘give and take’ and support each other. This enables us to accept high value contracts and to offer special know-how.
  • We offer start-ups a first place in our office, as well as collegial advice and exchange about new business ideas.
  • PMI is a registered trademark of Project Management Institute Inc.