How to design and operate IT applications sustainably
We consult you when devoloping and operating your future-oriented IT application landscape and keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness: Will IT applications foster business and scale in accordance with business performance?
  • Efficiency: Are development and operating expenses market-compliant? Are performance and extensions scalable? Are architecture and technology sustainable?
  • Security: Can rising requirements on data security and resilience be met?
  • Governance: Do you have full cost transparency (in terms of total cost of ownership)? Have responsibility and competencies for processes, staff, applications and systems been defined and are they practised?
  • Innovation: How agile and fast is your IT organization able to provide contemporary IT solutions for new market requirements (keywords are digitization, mobile solutions, industry 4.0, multi-channel marketing, Internet of Things)?
Application Management – References
Master Plan for future appication architecture
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